Classic Brands ABC

Classic Brands ABC

Case: Classic Brands ABC
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Claims Bar Date: 03/27/2023

Date of Assignment: 11/25/2022

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Steven Victor

In order to submit a claim, a proof of claim form and any documents to support your claim is required.

The proof of claim form can be downloaded at the link below and uploaded as an attachment, along with your supporting documents, when submitting a claim online. Claims may also be submitted via U.S. Postal Service, email or facsimile as outlined in the notice of assignment document.

Amount of Claim *

Name of Creditor *

By *

Title *

Address *

City *

State/Province *

Zip/Postal Code *

Country *

Phone *


E-mail *

Attach Documents: Please note that the Proof of Claim Form is required, and can be downloaded from the assignment documents below.







NOTE: Interest on unsecured claims is applicable only to the date of the assignment and then only in the event that interest is payable under either a written agreement that exists between you and the debtor providing for the payment of interest or a judgment.

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